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Plan for summer 2024

We are planning canoe trips at Northern Lakes Canoe Base (NLCB) in Ely, MN, into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) for our next season!

We offer fully outfitted and guided trips for youths who are 12 or older, or who have finished 6th grade. You can register as a Girl Scout as you sign up for a trip.  If you are seeking a new travel and wilderness adventure, we are the program for you!

  • Girl Scout canoe trips are fully outfitted (we provide food, tents, canoes, permit, first aid kit, radios, etc.)
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are always guided by trained guides with certifications in lifeguarding and Wilderness First Aid (approved by the American Camp Association and the United States Coast Guard).
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are safe (our program is over 60 years old and we have an excellent safety record)
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are very affordable.  See 2024 prices below.
  • No canoeing or camping experience is necessary; just a willingness to try something new and fun.
  • You may sign up alone, with friends, or a troop.  Adults may come, too -- coffee provided, dads welcome! Drop your troop off, or go on the trip, too!

Finally, Girl Scout canoe trips are tons of fun (we laugh lots), and our participants end their trips with a swagger to their step, ready to take on new challenges that come their way and make the world a better place.  We are experts in this very specific thing we do -- wilderness canoe trip for young women.  Come join us!

Our 4-day trips are excellent for younger girls; 6- and 8-day trips are recommended for first-timers.  

Costs for 2024 are listed below, and they are inclusive of everything you will need apart from your personal packing list. While we do not anticipate major increases, costs are subject to change from season to season.

Trip Length

2024 Costs

4 Day – 1 on site, 3 days on water


6 Day – 1 on site, 5 days on water


8 Day – 1 day on site, 7 days on water


11 Day – 1 day on site, 10 days on water


If you are an individual looking for a canoe trip, have no fear.  We offer two "North Country Rock n Wilderness" sessions through the Girl Scouts Destinations program: and These trips start/end at the Duluth, MN airport, include transportation to and from the canoe base, and include some extra activities before and after the canoe trip. Participants usually sign up not knowing anyone else on the trip and leave with a whole batch of good friends.

We also offer trips each summer for individuals who can get themselves to Ely, MN, which start at 1pm the day before the canoe trip begins and ends at 4pm on the last day of the canoe trip.  Participants sometimes sign up for these alone and sometimes with one or maybe two friends.  We always make the pairings work. These trips are the same price as our flex trips and a limited selection of dates will be announced in spring. You can find information about these offerings in the Girl Scouts Lakes and Pines Summer Camp Guide. 

If you've read it this far, I bet you are seriously interested in a trip!  Take a look at this video made by a former participant and guide to get even more excited!

Please fill out our participant interest form!

NLCBAA works closely with Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines on promoting this small but mighty program.

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